Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering The NEW Rapid Release RRT-PRO2 Targeted High Speed Vibration Scar Tissue Massager!

Do you suffer from Scar Tissue Adhesions? Scar tissue forms in the body as a temporary patching mechanism for wounds caused by surgery, trauma or repetitive stress. Scar tissue connecting tissue not normally connected are called adhesions. Adhesions can spread, entrapping nerves causing pain or numbness and limiting range of motion. Undiagnosed pain and restricted mobility are likely to be caused by these scar tissue adhesions. Rapid Release Technology targets painful adhesions using resonance. RRT has determined the optimum frequency for maximum effectiveness. Our frequency also triggers the Tonic Vibration Reflex or TVR. This frequency is well known to instantly relax muscle guarding, cramps and spasms. RRT is unique in the above properties as it operates many times faster than other therapeutic devices, and it feels great too. RRT will quickly become your “Go To” modality for soft tissue problems. Quick and painless treatments target the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems and routinely gives immediate results. RRT is useful from head to toe on a wide variety of conditions. With 5 treatment heads, you can vary the effect on the fly with a flick of the wrist. There is a treatment surface for every need. If you have any questions please call us at (800)355-2956.

How it works: RRT relies upon the science of resonance. Like the piano note vibrating the corresponding guitar string across the room, the target absorbs vibrational energy and oscillates. This is the same principle as the opera singer who can shatter a glass with her voice. RRT operates at a frequency much higher than the competition. Notice the symmetry of high compression waves through healthy tissue. Now notice the lack of waves when RRT is put over chronic fibrous tissue. The energy is absorbed by the denser tissue and it begins to vibrate.


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