Friday, August 25, 2017

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Excited to Carry the NEW Baby Vida 2.0 Infant Pulse Rate Sleep Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor!

The Baby Vida oxygen monitor is a revolutionary new tool that was developed by a mother out of love for her children. The monitor comes in the form of a small sock-like device that fits softly and comfortably to the baby’s foot and monitors oxygen levels and heart rate by means of a brand new form of pulse oximetry. The oxygen monitor was created by a team of engineers who worked on the product for over 3½ years, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to produce accurate readings. The oxygen monitor is intended for use on babies with an average normal oxygen level of 94% or greater.
The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor is available to baby’s one day old to one year old. This small and comfortable monitor can be secured with an ultra-soft sock on the back of your baby’s foot. Our clinically tested product monitors oxygen levels and heart rate in real time. If vitals fall outside of the predetermined range, your smart device will flash red and sound an alarm.
Our device is portable, wireless and easy to take anywhere you go. This easy to use Oxygen Monitor should be used every time your baby could go to sleep.

Helps Give You A Vital Peace of Mind: The Baby Vida monitor connects wirelessly to your smart device through Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows you to monitor your baby at home or on the go. The Baby Vida monitor should be used any time your baby could go to sleep.
Mobile App: The readings of your baby’s heart rate are easily monitored on your smart phone or tablet via the free mobile app. By having this free app installed on your device, an alarm will sound if either of these levels fall out of the predetermined ranges. It is an option to turn the alarm on or off at any time. You are also able to view the statistics of the baby’s readings at any time.
Support Sock: This ultra-soft sock wraps around the oxygen monitor, keeping the baby comfortable and the monitor securely in place to ensure the most accurate readings
Choose Your Settings: Extensive research was conducted in the making of the Baby Vida oxygen monitor. You can adjust your settings specifically for your child or you can use our age-specific predetermined ranges.
Vital Ranges Chart: If your baby’s readings fall outside of these ranges, the alarm will go off and your smart device will flash red.
App Alarm: You may want to keep alarming OFF until the Monitor is securely in place on your baby’s foot. Alarming can be turned ON or OFF on the home screen of the Baby Vida App. Once alarming is ON, your smart device will flash red and sound an alarm alerting you if either level falls outside of the predetermined range.
Statistics: The Statistics page on the Baby Vida App visually displays your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate readings. The current readings are displayed on the home screen of the App.

Placing The Monitor On Your Baby:
1.Place sensor directly on your baby’s heel. Using the support strap, secure the monitor in place. Ensure the support strap tightness is comfortable for your baby.
2.Slip the support sock over the foot to keep the monitor in place.
3.The monitor and support sock can be worn by themselves, or along with baby socks or footed pajamas.