Monday, February 27, 2012

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now offering NEW Scilogex Units

Scilogex MS-H-S10 Analog Hotplate 10 Channel Magnetic Stirrers w/ Steel Plate

Scilogex Digital LCD Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer w/ Ceramic Glass Plate

Scilogex Whisper Quiet LCD High Speed Micro Centrifuge w/ 24 Place Rotor

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Balkowitsch Enterprises Is Now Offering The Revolutionary Science RS-SC-200 Saniclave Automatic FDA Sterilizer Autoclave

The Saniclave 200 costs a fraction of other competing fully electric steam autoclaves. With a digital timer, printer connection, and dry mode the compact and versatile Saniclave 200 can sterilize wrapped or unwrapped solid, mated, hinged or knurled instruments without fail. A front loading, corrosion resistant, stainless steel chamber, and door make this steam sterilizer extremely easy to load and clean. The Saniclave 200 delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. This unit is FDA approved and the newest FDA listed autoclave on the market. This is a professional grade autoclave and is perfect for all General Medical, Dental, Chiropody, Podiatry, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laboratory, Scientific, Nail Salon, Beauty Salon and Veterinary applications. A perfect replacement for your discontinued Midmark M7.


- Total Height: 16"

- Total Width: 13.5"

- Chamber Capacity: 10.4L

- Chamber Dimensions: 9" wide x 10.5" deep

- Deep: 21"


- Simple push-button automatic operation

- Digital Display

- Temperature and Pressure Digital Display

- Stainless steel chamber and rugged ABS enclosure

- Front loading hinged door

- Will not corrode like aluminum

- Printer Access Port

- Compatible with any Standard 485 SERIAL or UPS Label Printer

- Recommended Printer: Zebra LP2844 (not included)

- Tapered 3-Tray System (Trays are Level)

- Easy to clean with damp cloth

- Over temperature thermal cutout

- Grounded cord, double insulated construction

- Two year warranty

- Model number: RS-SC-200

- Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 500 W, grounded cord

- Net weight: 20 lb.

- Dimensions: 16 in. tall x 13.5 in. wide x 21 in. deep

- Pressure: 15-18 psi

- Internal temperature: 121-124 degrees celcius

- Temperature low tolerance: 121 degrees celcius

- Temperature upper tolerance: 124 degrees celcius

- Sterilization time: 30 minutes

- Dry mode: 30 minutes

- Capacity: 12.5L- Maximum load configuration: 3.5 lb.

- Safety approvals: IEC compliant, CE marked, FDA approved (K112811)

- ANSI / AAMI - ST55 Standard Approved

- Warranty: 2 year, repair or replacement.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Balkowitsch Enterprises Now Offering the REM Dreamer Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device

This is a brand new in the box REM Dreamer Lucid Dream Induction & Detection Sleep Mask Dreaming Device. Did you know that in the same way humanity has made progress in the fields of medicine, transportation and communication that progress has been made in inducing and stabilizing different states of consciousness? In the past it took a lot of time and effort to gain success in the practice of lucid dreaming. These days, thanks to research in modern dream laboratories in the USA and Europe, and thanks to the invention of state-of-the-art lucid dreaming devices, the path to lucid dreaming is faster and easier than ever before. Some years ago two devices, the DreamLight and the NovaDreamer were created and marketed in the USA. Both used advanced technology to help their users achieve lucid dreams. These devices sold for anywhere from US $700-$1000. At the present time, manufacture of both devices has been discontinued. But now a similar (and in some ways superior) device has been produced in Europe, costing just 147 Euro. This new device, the REM-Dreamer, features new technology not available in the NovaDreamer to help you recognize and stabilize lucidity in your dreams. REM-Dreamer also contains LCD display, which was not available in the NovaDreamer. Thanks to LCD display working with the REM-Dreamer is very easy, much easier than with the NovaDreamer. If you have any questions about this item, please give us a call (800)355-2956.

The REM-Dreamer uses infrared sensors to detect when you are in REM (dreaming) sleep. At that point the REM-Dreamer gives you sound and light cues (beeps and flashing lights) to remind you that you are dreaming. Thus, external world stimuli are transferred to the world of your dreams, and it becomes easy to achieve lucidity. In their work in dream laboratories researchers discovered that external world stimuli reach the dreaming mind but are "reinterpreted" within dreams in order to enable the dreamer to remain asleep. In this way the dreamer is protected from frequent awakenings.

For example, if a dreamer's face is sprinkled with water when he or she enters REM sleep, the dreamer might report rain in their dream. Or, if a dreamer is exposed to perfume, the dream might include a dancing partner and a ball.

The REM-Dreamer uses this technique of reinterpretation by providing the dreamer's mind with preset visual and/or audio cues (flashes and beeps) which help the dreamer understand that they are dreaming. For instance, when the REM-Dreamer displays a flashing light the dreamer may dream of sunlight reflecting in a window pane, an ambulance with its lights flashing, or a camera's flash. The dreamer learns to recognize these signs in dreams, and these signs become the dreamer's gateway to lucidity.

The REM-Dreamer now features a new method of inducing lucid dreams. Our newest model enables two-way communication between the sleeping person and the REM-Dreamer. Researchers have confirmed that, while sleeping and dreaming, people move their eyes in the same directions that they do in their dreams. This fact helped inspire the creation of the TWC (Two-Way-Communication) technology. The TWC technology enables communication between the REM-Dreamer and the sleeping person during the dreaming state.

For instance, when the TWC feature is turned on the REM-Dreamer begins to generate a series of cues of increasing intensity when it senses that dreaming has begun.

When the level of these cues has increased sufficiently to reach the dreaming mind the dreamer has the option of signaling back to the REM-Dreamer by moving his or her eyes in a predetermined manner (within the dream state) and, on sensing that movement, the REM-Dreamer will stop generating cues. When the TWC feature is turned off the intensity of the cues is pre-selected by the user and does not change throughout the night. For some users, this meant that the intensity of the cues was too weak to reach the mind, or too strong, resulting in the dreamer being awakened. When the TWC feature is turned on the intensity of the cues can be adjusted from the dream. Thus, the chances of lucid dreaming are increased much. The REM-Dreamer is the first lucid dream induction device in the world, which uses this technique and technology. In addition, the newest REM-Dreamer still includes the simple and easy-to-use settings of inducing lucid dreaming without TWC. Both methods can be used.

The REM-Dreamer can enhance dream recall and shorten the time needed to learn lucid dreaming. Many people have used the REM-Dreamer as their primary method to learn lucid dreaming. As their abilities in lucid dreaming increase, the TWC technology can be utilized to enhance and deepen the lucid dream state. The REM-Dreamer kit comes with a very comfortable sleeping mask with a small printed circuit board tucked inside that detects REM sleep, giving cues in the form of flashes or beeps. The REM-Dreamer board includes LCD display, which allows the user to adjust all settings very easily. The user can use any of several simple presets, or can customize the number of sounds and light flashes, their volume and brilliance, frequency per second, and duration. In addition, the REM sensor can be set to accurately track your personal REM eyeball movement. The device comes with the user's manual (36 small pages). The REM-Dreamer has given many people the opportunity to experience lucid dreaming, and the opportunity to use this natural state of consciousness to program their subconscious, influence their behavior, explore the world of the mind, and work with habits of body and mind, depending on their own needs and desires.

We are an authorized REM-Dreamer distributor. (Free written warranty information will be provided upon request)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Balkowitsch Enterprises Now Offering The Reliable SewQuiet 5000 Brushless Variable Speed Control DC Servomotor

Reliable SewQuiet 5000 Brushless Variable Speed Control DC Servomotor. The SewQuiet 5000 brushless DC servomotor is designed to operate all light to heavy-duty industrial sewing machines. It also achieves our EcoIntelligent standard and reduces your carbon footprint by as much as 75%.The brushless DC servomotor design which has very good torque even at low speeds; uses a laser sensor instead of a traditional mechanical clutch. This design gives the operator a graded acceleration compared to the abrupt type of acceleration common with a clutch motor.

With the SewQuiet 5000, the noise that is normally associated with sewing motors (clutch and servo) is almost entirely eliminated, creating a more pleasant work environment. Whether you are an advanced sewer or a beginner, the SewQuiet 5000's microprocessor controller gives the user an unparalleled connection to the sewing machine, allowing for speed or detailed work. A "stepping" speed can be achieved which allows for literally, a step by step control of the sewing speed. This makes sewing detailed work much easier.From the utmost in speed control technology and the ability to reduce costs with improved energy usage, to the 'oh, sew quiet' work environment, choosing the Reliable SewQuiet 5000 is simply the smarter choice.

Balkowitsch Enterprises Now Offering the Zadro Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer w/ Automatic Timer

This is a Brand New in the box Zadro Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer w/ Automatic Timer. The Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer is a compact product designed to safely and quickly sanitize bottle nipples, pacifiers, teething rings and more. It uses environmentally friendly UV-C Ultraviolet Light to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on surfaces, keeping your bottles and pacifiers safe and hygienic. Children are always dropping and throwing things; bottles, pacifiers, teething rings, the list goes on and on. Until now, parents needed to go out of their way to find places to clean and disinfect bottles and pacifiers that have been dropped on dirty floors. At best, disinfectant wipes could be used, but who wants to unnecessarily expose their children to the chemicals they contain, especially when nearly everything winds up in their mouths. If you have any questions give us a call at (800)355-2956.


- Perfect for Sanitizing Bottle Nipples, Pacifiers, Teething Rings & More

- Two Sizes - Fits Most Bottles, Pacifiers, and Other Accessories 1.75" and 2.25" (Included)

- Portable Size - Easily fits in diaper bags

- Automatic Timer

- Plays Music Tune When Finished

- UV Light Bulb Lasts for 15,000 Hours

- Child Safe Start Button

- Performance Tested by Independent Laboratories

- FDA Listed

- White Finish

- 3 AAA Batteries

Because the Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer doesn’t use any chemicals or sprays, it’s safe to use on baby products like bottle nipples and teething rings. Moreover, the compact and portable design makes it perfect for use at home or on the go, as it fits easily into most diaper or travel bags. No more carrying around multiple pacifiers and bottles. If something is dropped, simply disinfect it with the Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer.
The Baby Bottle Nipple Sanitizer also comes equipped with a child safety feature and automatic timer which plays a musical note when the disinfection cycle is complete.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Balkowitsch Enterprises Now Offering New Venture Heat Products

Venture Heat Huggie Buddy Heated Robe Blanket w/ Sleeves

Venture Heat 12V Motorcycle Shoe Heated Boot Insoles w/ Micro Climate

Venture Heat 12V Motorcycle Multi-Zone Heated Pants Liner w/ Temp Control

Venture Heat 12V Womens Motorcycle Multi-Zone Heated Vest w/ Temp Control

Venture Heat 12V Mens Motorcycle Multi-Zone Heated Vest w/ Temp Control

Balkowitsch Enterprises Now Offering the DKN Whole Body Workout Platforms

DKN Technology V-Power Whole Body Workout Vibration Platform Machine. The DKN Technology V-Power Whole Body Vibration Machine is an advanced whole body workout that utilizes vibration to improve posture and strengthen the core from the comfort of your own home. The V-Power Whole Body Vibration Machine features 7 frequency settings and durable and ergonomic handles designed for optimum comfort and safety. The specialized straps are ideal for arms and upper body and the powerful vibration motor enables users to comfortably strengthen, massage and relax their whole body. The innovative personal trainer comes with 4 preset programs and visuals for upper body, abdominal, lower body and total body programs to get an optimized workout for you. The V-Power Whole Body Vibration Machine gives users the ability to adjust the platform vibration (frequency) and time to intensify their workout or rehabilitation session. If you have any questions about this product please call (800)355-2956.FEATURES:- Vibration frequency ranges from 20-50 Hz - Personal trainer with 4 preset programs & visuals - Easy operation display - Increase muscle strength and performance- Accelerates weight loss - Decreases recovery time - Increases Endorphins, Serotonin, Neurotophin - Rehabilitates injuries and ailments - Increases flexibility and energy WBV:Low-speed, low magnitude vibrating platforms are changing the way many of us exercise and manage our fitness, wellness and longevity plans. Moving, exercising, or even standing on a vibrating platform will change your body. You can move off an exercise plateau and experience a new level of fit. You can get your body moving again after a time of being unable to exercise. This is a safe and effective way to stimulate muscles. You can be confident that whole body vibration exercise will compliment and accelerate whatever exercise is already successful for you. Whole body vibration exercise and therapy works our body from the inside out. Gentle vibrations moving into and throughout our entire body is an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bone cells. Increasing muscle mass and bone density by stimulating cellular movement compliments the natural healing rejuvenative process always occurring inside our body. DKN is a manufacturer offering world wide high valued whole body vibration exercise machines. They deliver vibrations that move through your entire body. Our products are safe and effective for anyone who can use them. Low-speed, low magnitude vibration machines have been researched and used for wellness and exercise therapy in hospitals for 25+ years. The DKN XG-series displays are equiped with the patented Personal Coach Cystem which allows consistent delivery of vibration to the user and enhances the quality and durability of the platform. This virtual integrated personal trainer eliminates the need for expensive personal trainers to show you what to do; it’s now all under your own control! All models come with 2 upper body workout straps, an extra thick high density mat, an interactive training DVD, a training guide, and a complete A3 exercise poster to make sure you get the most out of every session.