Thursday, March 10, 2016

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering The NEW Reminder Rosie Memory Aid and Calender Reminder Talking Voice Recording Clock!

Never forget tasks again! I am a memory and calendar aid talking clock that’s so easy to use. Think of me as your talking post-it notes exactly when you need them. I can help make life a lot less stressful and offer family members and caregivers greater safety and independence. Hearing up to 25 daily alarm messages in the comforting voice of a loved one has shown to make a real difference in task adherence. Managing wellness and organizing daily activities helps elders and others live in the comfort of their own home longer, independently, safely and with dignity. Reminder Rosie is your personal reminder assistant without the high cost! If you have any questions about this product, please give us a call (800)355-2956.

How I work:
A family member or caregiver records a reminder, perhaps “I love you mom, it’s time to take two red & one white pill” at 8:30 am every day. Once the task is accomplished the person either says “reminder off” or touches me to turn it off. That’s it!

Key Benefits:
- Hearing a loved one’s voice everyday delivers sustained task adherence
- Never forget tasks - medications, post-hospital care regimens, social activities, birthdays & much more
- 25 talking alarms
- Never miss doctor appointments: “Dad, your doctor appointment is in one hour, I will call you later, good luck!”….1:00 PM Friday Dec. 4, 2015
- Personalized daily living voice reminders- specific, repetitive instructions until task completed
- Personal reminder assistant – helps reduce high cost of homecare
- Delivers stress release & peace of mind to caregivers and family members

- Comforting loved one’s loud reminders heard over 100 feet (30m) everyday
- Record 25 personal alarm reminders
- Easily adapted for elderly person
- User only turns off reminder “reminder off” or touches Rosie After task done
- Daily, weekly, monthly, by date or annual reminder playbacks
- Familiar looking & large 2 inch LED digits are visible at any angle
- Record reminders in any language
- Hands free voice activated - never touch any buttons
- Reminders, alarm and time/date are retained during a power failure
- Voice or manual operation
- Missed reminders playback by touch
- Battery backup (3 AAA batteries not included).

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