Monday, August 27, 2018

AirCraft BLACK Powerglide Cordless Rechargeable Hard Floor Cleaner

PowerGlide is the easiest, fastest and best way to clean every type of hard floor. Whether it’s wooden floors, vinyl, tiles, stone, or even Karndean or Parquet, simply fill PowerGlide’s tank with water or your favourite liquid floor cleaner (Cif, Flash, Method, Bona are all good – the choice is yours!), and glide. You’ll get a truly professional-grade finish every time, in no time at all. PowerGlide’s carefully considered design makes it so effective, and so easy to use. Twin rotating microfibre pads clean, polish and buff your floors to a perfect sheen, while you have complete control over the volume of floor cleaner dispensed. And the rotation of PowerGlide’s twin pads has a double advantage: gentle agitation lifts dirt effortlessly, while the same movement gives PowerGlide its name – you’ll love the way it glides across your floors, almost as much as you’ll love how beautiful your floors will look when you’re done. Press to spray and let PowerGlide’s rotating pads do the work, remaining over any areas that need a little extra care. No more scrubbing! And PowerGlide is cord-free, giving you the freedom to clean your whole home in a single speedy session, without worrying about  extension cables or the nearest plug socket. And – perhaps best of all – your floors will be dry enough to walk on as soon as you’re done!

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