Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Offering the New reACT Eccentric Lower Body Muscle Conditioning Fitness Machine!

Welcome to reACT. This revolutionary machine provides a multitude of functional training exercises designed to provide all the benefits of eccentric training safely. Eccentric muscle contraction occurs when the muscle lengthens under tension. This type of muscle contraction occurs when there is an absorption of force or deceleration such as: - Landing from a jump - Surfing, skiing and snowboarding - Foot placement phase of walking/running - Walking down stairs - Stopping quickly while running - Balancing and motion-absorbing activities Since most activities and all sports involve eccentric muscle contraction, training for this should be a part of any fitness program. Eccentric training teaches the neuromuscular system to be able to produce more force at longer muscle lengths. In addition, eccentric training helps optimize the alignment of contractile elements in muscles and specifically strengthens the connective tissue component of muscle and tendon. These adaptive responses to eccentric conditioning assist with injury prevention.

Less Stress, More Efficient Training Eccentric training provides a Iower level of oxygen and cardiovascular stress based on the workload on the muscles. For this reason, the reACT is ideal for all individuals with reduced cardiovascular endurance. For the elderly and others with diminished cardiovascular capacity, eccentric training allows the development of strength without undue stress on the cardiovascular system which is critical for this population. Impact of Eccentric Training Eccentric training can cause the delayed onset of muscular soreness. Therefore, gradual progression of interval times are recommended. Studies have shown that short periods of regular eccentric training produce significant health benefits. To date, fitness professionals have devised many methods to train eccentric muscle strength. Many of these methods are complex and can pose significant risk of injury. The new reACT provides a simple, easy-to-use and lowimpact solution for everyone. If you have any questions please call us at (800)355-2956.

- L X W X H 78 x 42 x 44in
- Shipping Weight 420KG / 926LBS
- Assembled Weight 216KG /476LBS

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