Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering the NEW BelleCore BabyBelle Body Buffer Muscle Recovery Beauty Massager Deluxe Kit!

The Original, award winning babyBelle® bodybuffer Deluxe kit with Universal Motor, transformer/converter for easy international use. A compact powerful device, perfect for professional and home use. Random orbital oscillation technology combined with a percussion stroke produces a deep soft tissue vibration massage that helps increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce the appearance of cellulite, exfoliate, rejuvenate and smooth the skin while increasing collagen function that diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks - plus other beauty, wellness and fitness benefits. Not to be used on the face. Includes: Two terrycloth bonnets, Two 2 oz tubes of BelleCore Hydrating Cream, an Owner’s Manual, and a chic drawstring pouch. If you have any questions please call us at (701)223-9936 or Toll Free (800)355-2956.

BelleCore bodybuffers:
- Exfoliate, rejuvenate, and smooth the skin
- Increase circulation
- Increase lymphatic drainage
- Decrease edema
- Help flush out waste products following non-invasive fat or cellulite treatments
- Help diminish signs of cellulite
- Provide soothing soft tissue massage
- Ease tension, relieve soreness
- Perform effective, yet comfortable myofascial release

How do I first use the bodybuffer?
First, place the bodybuffer on bare skin and switch ON. Keep the bodybuffer in motion at all times. Switch OFF before removing from skin.

Can I use the bodybuffer in the shower?
No. The bodybuffer is an electrical device which must be used and kept in dry conditions away from water and moisture.

How quickly can I expect to see results from bodybuffing?
Immediately. You’ll relieve sore muscles, increase circulation and exfoliate skin to a smoother texture with just one buffing session.

When I bodybuff my skin turns red and feels itchy. Is this normal?
Yes, bodybuffing increases blood flow to the treated area. This often causes the skin to temporarily redden and can provide a mild itching sensation. These effects are not harmful and will subside after your bodybuffing and applying the hydrating cream.

Can I bodybuff while dressed?
No, the device is to be used on bare, dry, cool skin. Do not use lotions or creams on the terrycloth bonnet. It is to be used dry.

Are there areas I should never use the bodybuffer on?
Never use the device on the head, face, front or back of neck/top of cervical spine, inner upper arm or breasts. Keep clear of long loose hair and loose clothing.

Can I bodybuff if I am pregnant?
Consult your physician before using the bodybuffer. It may be acceptable to bodybuff your lower legs, feet and arms, but never the trunk/torso nor anywhere near the belly.

Can I bodybuff if taking blood-thinning drugs?
No. If you take drugs like Coumadin or Lovenox you should not use the bodybuffer. If you take aspirin regularly, you should try bodybuffing a small area to see if you experience bruising. If not, you may bodybuff with caution.

Can I bodybuff my feet?
Yes, you can use the bodybuffer on healthy feet.

Can I bodybuff when I have a tan?
Yes, however, if you are sunburned you must not bodybuff until your skin has fully healed.

Why do I have to use the hydrating cream after buffing?
The bodybuffer is a powerful exfoliation device. Your skin may become very dry if you don’t apply a hydrating cream after treating. We designed our Hydrating Cream to complement and enhance the beneficial effects of your bodybuffer.

How can I clean the bonnet on my bodybuffer?
Natural skin oils and cells that shed during exfoliation will eventually soil the bonnet. Simply remove the bonnet, hand-wash it using a gentle detergent and allow to dry before slipping it back on the bodybuffer pad. Worn-out bonnets should be replaced.

*(the views expressed are the observations of the Physical Therapist. BelleCore is not a medical device and makes no medical claims)

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