Thursday, April 28, 2016

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering The NEW TravelWedge Small Size Portable Inflatable Bed Wedge Support!

This is the Small-Size Inflatable Bed Wedge by Travelwedge. This inflatable wedge is made from a combination of high quality PVC and Nylon Yarn for added durability, with strong I-Beam construction. Comes with a custom made "peach skin" fitted topper for a more comfortable sleeping experience. The Small-Size Inflatable Bed Wedge by Travelwedge is designed to help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux (GERD) by allowing you to sleep with your head raised 6-8 inches when lying down. The Small-Size Inflatable Bed Wedge is also designed to help relieve swollen ankles for expecting mothers. Each Small-Size Travelwedge comes with a durable nylon carrying case, a custom peach skin fitted topper and a lightweight high performance foot pump allowing you to inflate your wedge in less than 2 minutes. The Small-Size Travelwedge is designed first and foremost with the traveler in mind. There is nothing worse than sleeping in a hotel room on a flat hotel bed when you have Acid Reflux (GERD). Of course you can just as easily use this at home as well. If you have any questions regarding this item please call (800)355-2956.

- Dimensions: 32"L x 30"W. 8"H at the high end - 2" at the low end
- Weight: Each Small-Size Travelwedge weighs (1.2) Pounds and folds up to the size of a folded shirt

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