Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering NEW The Pip Skin BioFeedback Electrodermal Stress Measurement System


The Pip, a revolution in mental fitness, allows you to see your stress levels. It accurately visualizes what you are feeling, as you are feeling it. The Pip connects your emotions with engaging Apps, teaching you not only how to recognize stress, but to live a life that can withstand it. If you have any questions please give us a call (800)355-2956.

How Pip works: Powered by science, the Pip detects electrodermal activity (EDA) in your fingertips, 8 times per second, accurately determining whether your body’s relaxing or stressing. This data feeds into our Apps where it controls your in-App progress. The more you relax, the better you progress. By visualizing your changing stress levels, you can try different techniques to refocus your attention. Practice every day with the Pip and see yourself change. By learning to retrain your attention, you can control your reaction to stressful situations, leading to a richer, fuller life.

Portable: Fits seamlessly into everyday life
Apps: Selection of engaging Pip Apps (iOS and Android)
Monitor progress: Review performance and monitor progress
Accurate measurement: Gold plated sensors accurately detect electrodermal activity (EDA)
Bluetooth enabled: Syncs wirelessly, in real time, with smartphone or tablet
Battery: Lasts up to 12 hours per charge*. Rechargeable via USB

Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 130mAh)
Included in the box: Pip, micro USB cable, carrying pouch, user guide, warranty document
Pip supported devices: Apple – iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 3 and higher (including iPad mini); Android devices running Android Gingerbread (2.3.3) or higher

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