Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering the NEW Keenfit 2-Piece Fitness Exercise Assisting Walking Poles

These light-weight aluminum-alloy, telescopic, adjustable Fitness Walking Poles are designed with 1-adjusting point for more quick & simple adjustment and easy transportation as well as assured customized comfortable fit for the casual average walker or the more aggressive athletic Pole Walking walkers. If you have any questions regarding this item please give us a call at (800)355-2956.

Keenfit 2-Piece Fitness Walking Poles includes:
- 2 Keenfit Walking Poles (1 Pair)
- 2 Pair of Road Feet
- 1 Pair of Trail Feet
- 1 Pair of Carbide Tips
- 1 Pair of Beach/Snow Baskets

- Each pair of walking Poles are fully adjustable and come with moisture absorbent cork-mix handles and safety 'reflective tape'
- 30-minutes of Pole Walking equals the same cardio benefits as a 50-minute regular walking
- Ergonomically Designed Palm Strap allows release between steps so that hands don’t become cramped - fits on palm versus others that can cut into wrists
- Increase energy, eat and sleep better
- Burn up to 48% more calories
- Increase cardio fitness by 20%
- Handle stress better
- Lose unwanted weight
- Increase metabolism
- Strengthen Core
- Build upper body muscles
- Naturally correct body posture
- Lessen impact - at least 26% off lower joints

2 Piece Dimensions:
- Size from Dis-assembly to Telescoped: 29.5" to 32" [fit in the Keenfit Pole Tote & larger suit cases]
- Height of Pole Walker: Extends to custom fit people ranging from 4ft / 122cm tall to 6ft5in / 196cm tall (total safe extension of 140 cm)
- Weight: Each Pole: 0.6 lbs with Road Foot on
- Material Content: Aluminum Alloy


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