Thursday, December 18, 2014

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering the NEW Thinklabs ONE Digital Electronic Headphone Amplified Stethoscope


The smallest most powerful Stethoscope in the world. Fits in the palm of your hand. Amplifies over 100X. Uses ANY STYLE audio headphones.

- Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope
- Thinklabs Studio Performance In-Ear headphones. (The One can be used with any high quality headphones.)
- Thinklink connection system for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC/Mac
- USB-type Charger 100-240V
- Pocket carrying case
- 2 Year Thinklabs Warranty

One has a standard 3.5mm jack so you can connect high quality headphones instead of old tubing style binaurals. You get better sound, more comfort, a more compact stethoscope and the choice to use the headphones of your choice. One includes Thinklabs studio quality In Ear Headphones, with excellent bass for heart sounds and crystal-clear treble for music enjoyment.

Inventor Clive Smith's Take on Headphones

"I made a careful study of headphone audio before specifying what we would offer with One. I wanted headphones with strong bass, but also really good frequency response, so you'd enjoy music with the same headphones. I think you'll be very impressed with what we include in the One package. You also have the flexibility to choose your own headphones to use with your One. Test drive before you buy and make sure you select a pair that can handle the One's heart sound output. Enjoy!"

Thinklabs headphones have an extra long cable so you can wear them comfortably around your neck when not in use. The anti-tangle flat cable is strong and resists tangling for convenient use in clinical settings. The eartips come in 3 sizes, for a perfect fit.

Audio Power:
One is designed for high power output, with dedicated headphone amplifiers, one for each channel. Voltage doubling charge pumps provide extra headroom for low distortion reproduction of S1 and S2 heartbeat peaks. The headphone amplifiers have sufficient power to drive low-impedance audio headphones, producing 45.2mWatts (see Warning below). Competitive stethoscopes operate on lower voltage, use a single amplifier and high impedance speaker, resulting in clipped heartbeats at significantly lower power output.

Warning: The One can produce very high sound pressure levels, exceeding 100 times the decibel level of a conventional stethoscope. This amplification is intended for use with obese patients and faint body sounds. When listening to loud heartbeats in thin-chested patients, please reduce volume to a level that is comfortable for you, to protect your hearing.

The One allows you to listen with multiple filter choices. You can also set two that you use most as "favorites" that are super quick to select. So you'll have both choice and speed.

The One's Hertz Scale gives you a relative idea of the filter range you have selected. LEDs to the left indicate that lower frequencies will be reproduced. LEDs to the right indicate higher frequencies will be reproduced. The more LEDs are on, the wider the range of frequencies, the narrower the indication, the narrower the range of frequencies for the filter you have selected. For instance, you may want to narrow the bandwidth to filter ambient noise or select for very specific heart sounds, such as listening to valve clicks but exclude breath sounds while doing so.

Changing Diaphragm Pressure - In addition to the filter setting, you can also change the frequency response by applying more or less pressure on the diaphragm. This is a feature of Thinklabs patented Electromagnetic Diaphragm technology. As you push on the diaphragm, the "gap" in the sensor changes, which modifies the sensor's response to lower frequencies. As shown, the bass response increases significantly with pressure on the diaphragm. This adds an exquisite, tactile sense to using the One - like playing a musical instrument.

The One uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery so there's no need to replace batteries. The USB-style charger cable is included, along with compact world-wide AC charger (100-240V). The battery capacity has been designed to require only one or perhaps two charge cycles per week - see the analysis below. Battery Level is indicated on the 0 - 10 scale to easily check remaining capacity. There are multiple warning levels, so the One will warn you well ahead of the time you need to recharge your stethoscope.

The One uses materials and parts not usually found in stethoscopes:
- high strength sapphire crystal, robust enough to be used in deep sea chronometers
- precision machined aluminum, hand-polished by people who work with satellite systems and other advanced applications requiring perfect finish
- specialized electronic components that are custom manufactured for Thinklabs
- gold-plated connectors and jacks to ensure low impedance connections
- design refinements that focus on minutiae that get the last detail of performance
All apps are available in the apple or google app stores

Thinklabs Stethoscope App
- Record and vizualize heart sounds on your iPhone or iPad
- Scroll and zoom in/out with a multi-touch interface
- Edit, save, and email sounds
- Send images, videos, sounds, and notes

Thinklabs iMurmur App
Watch, listen, and learn:
- Portable Heart Sound Reference Library
- Real patient recordings/photos with notes and email capability, perfect for teachers and students

TapeMachine App - Android
This Android App provides many features suitable for Phonocardiography, recording, teaching, sharing stethoscope sounds around the bedside or classroom.
- Record, Trim, Save, change playback speed.
- Share via almost any Android communications apps:
Email, Whatsapp, Dropbox, text messaging, etc.

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