Thursday, August 21, 2014

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering the NEW Kolnex Motorized Electric Golf Caddy's

Kolnex Motorized Electric Golf Caddy GS4
Kolnex Motorized Electric Golf Caddy SMC200


The GS4 is a new lightweight trolley with simple optional manual "Speed & Distance" operational control. Nothing to distract you from the main reason that you on the course. As with its cousin the manual operation model SMC200 the speed is controlled from the potentiometer switch in the handle, however the user can also preset one of three pre-set distances for the trolley to travel as well. Now with optional super-lightweight ABMS Lithium-ion battery system. New lightweight drive train. Improved high-tech electronics with simplified display. Now with optional Quick Release White Nylon wheels with micro-cellular foam tires with EVA treads.In common with the other two models sharing this new robust oval frame this is a sophisticated, well engineered, caddy designed jointly in Europe and the US. The new frame has been lengthened to move the centre-of-gravity backwards for improved handling. This caddy is a looker as well - with its newly designed Quick Release white wheels and extra wide cellular foam tires Made from aluminum this is one lightweight caddy. An easy lift into the trunk of your vehicle. Just as impressive the whole unit folds up completely in a few seconds to store easily in your vehicle. If you have any questions give us a call at (800)355-2956.

- Highest quality 200W motor available
- Ample power for hilly courses
- New polycarbonate central locking hinge - stronger and lighter
- One click and the GS4 folds and unfolds completely in seconds
- New tough lightweight aluminum chassis.
- Upgraded high power "deep-cycle" 33-Ampere/Hr battery
- Improved high-tech computer controller
- Rear stabilizing wheel supplied as standard
- New improved optional extra-wide White Sport wheels with micro-cellular foam tires with EVA treads - quieter and softer ride
- Wider 25" (635 mm) wheel base for improved stability
- Option of three frame colors - white - red - black - finished in high quality stoved enamel
- now with optional super-lightweight lithium-ion ABMS battery system
- up to 2000 cycles

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