Thursday, May 22, 2014

Balkowitsch Enterprises is Now Offering the NEW CFM Deluxe ENT Pocket Otoscope w/ Disposable Ear Curettes Loops

CFM Deluxe ENT Pocket Otoscope PL4 w/ Disposable Ear Curettes Loops

CFM Deluxe Clinical Cerumen Ear Wax Management Set w/ Disposable Loops

The Deluxe Set is designed to provide the most versatility possible with the ENT Pocket Light. The otoscope attachment facilitates ear examinations, while the two SofTouch loops can be used for cerumen removal from both adults and children. The SofTouch loops can also be used to remove debris from a wound. The light bender creates an unobstructed view for oral examinations, while it can also be used to transilluminate the sinuses. The pocket light's bright white xenon light source makes it an excellent examination light all on its own. All ENT Pocket Lights are powered by two AAA batteries.

- Comes in a sturdy hard carrying case.
- Includes 2 AAA batteries and bright white xenon lamp module.
- Handles are virtually unbreakable and comes with a pocket clip.
- Light Bender option is used to brightly illuminate the nasal cavity, transilluminate the sinuses, or focust light into the ear or mouth.
- Lighted SofTouchcerum loops used to remove excess cerumen. Brightly illuminates the ear canal while freeing one hand to steady the patient's head. Adult and pediatric sizes included.
- Spare lamp module included, 6000 candlepower bright white xenon bulb.

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